Monday, 10 May 2010

Steak and chips - Election night TV dinner

This is the first election where our children have been able to comprehend a little about what is going on in the political world. It has been quite interesting discovering what children can glean from the news on TV, newspapers and conversations in the playground. We have been bombarded with lots of questions. Many of the questions and conversations have been about just who mummy and daddy were intending to vote for. My youngest asked me as I dropped off at school before I went off to vote on Thursday morning, “So mummy are you going to vote for Labour, the Orange coloured party or the Conservatory Party” – I have tried to explain that the Conservatives do not make glass buildings, but maybe she is right after all.

We decided to have a TV dinner on election night, something quick to make and delicious to eat, steak and chips seamed the obvious answer for a ‘change’.  We watched the election unfold late on Thursday and into Friday. As the polls had predicted, we got our Hung Parliament and three days later we are still waiting to hear who will be running government. We could have had a very slow roast dinner instead!

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