Saturday, 26 June 2010

Get your children cooking!

Everyone has a favourite recipe or two for their own special treats. My children have a few recipes up their sleeves and quite enjoy getting every kitchen utensil out of the drawers and cupboards, flouring all of the kitchen surfaces including the floor, and baking some goodies to eat. Personally, I think that it is a good thing to get your children cooking at home. I choose to let my children get on with it and close my eyes when I am in the kitchen, or better still just stay out of the kitchen and only help when they need to use the oven!

This weekend my eldest (age 10) and youngest (age 7), along with some friends, decided to make some cheese biscuits and some chocolate crispies. 

The end products were equally brilliant. I particularly liked the cheese biscuits, which could be gobbled up just plain. They were very tasty and could easily be served with a blob of tomato relish and a small sprig of basil on top accompanied with a glass of wine.

So go on, let your children experiment in the kitchen. They really can cook some wonderful treats. Just ignore the trail of flour, butter, egg and sugar. It really is worth it.

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