Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wet Walnuts

We are fortunate enough to have a grand old walnut tree in our garden. I have tried to dry out some nuts but I always seem to fail as the green outer case goes black as it should, but then the nut becomes inedible. I need to try and crack this one! 
However, every year we are treated to a crop of wet walnuts, which we race against the squirrels to gather up off our lawn. They are available for just a few weeks each autumn. The shells are hard and dry, it’s the inside that's "wet" - still juicy and fresh, in its just-picked state. The flavour is of the nut is mild, milky and sweet, with just a hint of that tannic edge that makes walnuts the sophisticate of nuts.
They work their best magic as a stand-alone seasonal treat. They are a true nutty indulgence. However they do not last long, so I also have a few treats for the shop bought dry ones (until I learn how to dry out my own). There are some delicious recipes for you to try out below.
I also plan to have a go at making some pickled walnuts next year as they make a great addition to sauces. I will let you know how I get on with the old pickled walnut on my blog when I eventually get around to having a go.
In the meantime, if you get a chance to sample some wet walnuts from your garden then I urge you to try them. Some local Fruit and Veg shops may sell them and even some of the high-end supermarkets will stock them for a few weeks a year.

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