Friday, 9 July 2010

We’re Jammin’

Oh yes, we like Bob Marley and we are jammin’ big time in our house. If you look out into our garden right now there is a sea of red and black fruit in every direction that you care to look. We have blackcurrants, raspberries, gooseberries that are now good to harvest and the blackberries are also not far off from being ready to pick. Last week, our resident Farmer Giles (my husband) and I picked over 5 kilos of blackcurrants alone. So out came my big saucepans and jam pot and I got cracking on making some delicious blackcurrant jam.

Making jam is quite therapeutic. You place fruit and sugar in a pot and stir the contents to make sure that they do not stick and burn to the bottom of the pan and hey presto at the end you have jam to put into your store cupboard.  Effectively you are bottling up a taste of summer that you can open up and enjoy at any other time of the year. I made several pots of blackcurrant jam. My children have already done a spot of baking and they have used one jar making some fabulous little jam tarts – yum!

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